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With GMMS, individuals and businesses of all sizes are able to send professional looking emails to their subscribers.

You don't need to be an email expert to send emails through GMMS. Our simple tools allow you to create emails with your own content:

Editing made simple

Our editor is fully loaded with most common options and tools which will allow you to write your e-mail content as you want it to be, it simple and easy to use. Also, you can save drafts so you don't have to worry about back-ups either.

Import content

In GMMS you can import content of your e-mail from any URL or exiting HTML file. Also, it will allow you to copy paste content from external applications such as Notepad, Ms Word, Ms Excel etc.

Multiple Attachments

The GMMS mass mailing solution supports multiple attachments and provide you the best way to send more details than just an e-mail.

Parallel Campaigns

GMMS is using advanced technique and is capable of sending parallel campaigns thereby increasing total mail sending capacity.

Multiple Campaigns

Each GMMS email account is capable of scheduling multiple campaigns at the same time. Also, you can schedule a campaign in advance.


It doesn't matter what the size of your email list is. With GMMS it is very easy to upload recipients. The GMMS system makes it easy to send e-mails to thousands of subscribers in no time. Also, GMMS will helps you to increase your subscriber list by providing a custome subscription link.

Ever email you send through GMMS is validates for Duplicate recipients and Invalid e-mail id's. Both of these steps are important in your reputation management and in reaching your email marketing goals:

Know what your emails will look like

Before you send the email, deliver a test to yourself first to make sure everything looks exactly like you want it. Also, you will be able to preview your email. You don't have to depend on the eyes of a designer to know that your email will look great.

Easy data upload

Easily upload email addresses into your GMMS account from Ms Excel. Also, you can copy paste e-mail list into GMMS.

Duplicate detection

GMMS Mass mailing solution has inbuilt function which will remove duplicates within your campaign. This will save your time and your reputation.

Remove Invalid e-mails

GMMS is capable of detecting invalid e-mail ids and removing them when you add new mass mail campaign. You will notice great results from the filtered e-mail list.

Multiple SMTP Servers

You can Configure multiple SMTP servers in GMMS. Also, you can edit and test your SMTP Server anytime.


Not only does GMMS offer fantastic looking emails, but we also provide real-time reporting. Our reports allow you to see how many mails were sent successfully and how many failed from your email campaign. Also, GMMS reporting allows you to download data.

Get all the valuable data you need from GMMS. There's no better way to understand your marketing ROI:

Campaign trends

Take the time to see similarities within campaigns. Notice success and failure rates and reasons.

Custom reports

Generate new custom reports using various parameters and analyze data as you want it to be.